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Care and Maintenance

Durability of Cowhide Rugs

These rugs are made out of a natural raw material, and as such, the strength with which the hair is attached to the hide cannot be improved. However, every care is taken to avoid any reduction in this strength by quality control during the production process and only choosing the best available hides. These products endure and are ideal for normal residential use, they do not perform well as flooring in high traffic environments such as commercial applications. Although they could be used as wall paneling or as a decorative accent in commercial environments due to their stain resistance.

Extremely High Stain Resistance

Cowhides naturally withstand most common domestic ‘accidents’. Ketchup, mustard, red wine and many more are no challenge, and traceless, after a damp cloth wipes them off. Any liquid that soaks the rug needs to be soaked up by a dry towel (or paper towel) to avoid making the rug ‘boardy’ or stiff. The durability of the rug will not be affected.

Maintaining a Shiny Look

A light vacuum (ideally no beaters) and a damp cloth is all your rug needs to look like new, if you need to return some shine to your rug, Pledge (or similar product) and a dry rag will make it as shiny as new. No chemicals, no special cleaning processes are recommended, your vacuum and Pledge will work wonders.